Passie is onze drijfveer 

LENK Seafood Services GmbH is de distributie en service tak van het in Thailand gevestigde hoofdkantoor Lenk Frozen Foods (Asia) Co., Ltd. Samen vormen we LENK-Group.

Met decennialange ervaring, en een breed netwerk van producenten via onze collega’s in Bangkok, Ho Chi Minh City en Dhaka, zijn we bekwaam om de juiste producent te selecteren voor uw productaanvraag. 

Lenk Seafood Service GmbH organiseert en bewaakt het gehele proces van aankoop tot eindlevering. Inclusief inklaren, transport, labelen, verpakkingsdesign en planned programming.

Een brede variëteit aan vis en seafood delicatessen uit Azië 

Met onze Aziatische roots zijn we gespecialiseerd in de sourcing van diverse warm water garnalen, waaronder Black Tiger en Vannamei. Alsmede diverse gekweekte vissoorten zoals pangasius en tilapia. 

Met dank aan onze collega’s in Azië, kunnen we ieder soort vis of seafood product waar u naar op zoek bent, aanbieden. 

LENK Seafood Services GmbH’s kerntaak is om zorg te dragen over alles dat komt kijken bij de import van uw container, inclusief de inklaring en logistiek.

We are your seafood gate to Asia

Wat we voor u doen

Lenk Seafood Services GmbH is een service organisatie dat zich volledig bezighoud met het op tijd en op de juiste manier verkrijgen van uw aangevraagde product. Het begint met een uitgebreid aankoopadvies. Na ontvangst van de orderbevestiging, zal de aankoop verder worden gefinetuned en alle formaliteiten van A tot Z, georganiseerd. Bijvoorbeeld een specifiek aanlever schema, verpakkingsdesign, palletiseren of T1. 

We zijn IFS gecertificeerd – Wat houd dat in?

The IFS Broker (International Food Standard) is applied to companies engaged in trading activities. We only trade certified goods and maintain long-term business relationships with our producers, who are all certified and work according to the highest standards and legal requirements for production, goods and hygiene. The IFS focuses on food safety and the quality of processes and products. Through our certification as an IFS Broker, our products meet the highest possible food safety standards and quality requirements.

Would you like to learn more about our service? Convince yourself of our scope of services in the following process descriptions.


Thanks to our extensive producer network in the south east Asian countries (Thailand, Vietnam, Bangladesch, Indien, Indonesien and Malaysia), we are able to find nearly every seafood product or we can have it produceed to your specification.


When creating the labels for your product, our quality management ensures that all legal requirements of the Food Information Ordinance (LMIV 1169/2011) are observed.

In addition, we check the quality of the labels and packaging print for color fastness and compliance with the specified label sizes.

We are also able to create so-called “tracking codes” for you to show your customer the traceability of your product back to the farm.

Quality Inspection

It is our claim that the quality of the goods meets your expectations, but also the general food regulations. We ensure this demand on ourselves by testing and checking every order in every phase of production with our own employees. We accompany your goods from the start of production to final loading at the production site.

In addition, we create a detailed inspection report for each order from loading, including the necessary product analyzes in an independent, certified laboratory.


Our teams in Asia and Europe work together to ensure your orders get to the right destination at the right time.

On request, we can also ensure that your goods are delivered on time and in the correct quantity to a location of your choice in Europe according to your requirements.

Import Formalities

In cooperation with our partners, we can take care of all customs and veterinary formalities in Europe, so that you can receive your goods without further delays.


Food safety, sustainable behavior and a safe and risk-free work environment are top priorities in the philosophy and way of working of LENK Seafood Services. 

Due to the regular audits that accompany the certification, we ensure at all times that our products are harvested, produced and transported under sustainable and safe conditions.


The ASC runs an independent certification and logoling programme for responsibly farmed seafood. ASC’s standards promote practices that reduce environmental impacts, protect wildlife and support local communities. The ASC logo on a product guarantees full traceability throughout the supply chain, from farm to fork. Certified farmers adhere to the ASC’s strict environmental and social standard for responsible aquaculture: they minimize their impact on the environment, contribute to the preservation of biodiversity and water resources, protect animal health and ensure fair and safe employment opportunities while respecting the rights of local communities. Choosing seafood with the ASC logo supports our farmers who work with respect for nature and the people living in and from it.

We are the first trading company world wide, which has been certified by the ASC.  Thus we are the holder of the certificate number ASC-C-00001.

Our certificates

COID: 71873

You can view or download our certificates in PDF format. Just click on the relevant certificate.

Are you looking for a specific product?, the Digital Seafood Marketplace for buyers and suppliers, is the latest and most innovative development in the seafood sector. Invented by Lenk Seafood Services, characterized by a dedicated team of people, a comprehensive seafood network and in-depth product knowledge gathered throughout the years. arranges pallet-based product on a transparent basis, by organizing an easy-to-read offer overview as a reply to your online search inquiry. Does it get to a purchase? Documents, certificates and transport will all be organized by the Seafood Scanner Team.

easy correspondence

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time saving

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Our Brands

A sustainable brand

A sustainable brand containing environmentally friendly aquaculture product, labelled with a tracking code that specifies the processing day, location and transport route.

A premium brand

Under our brand “Sea-Scout” we market products according to our consistently high quality standards with only 20% glaze.

Our brand „Sea-Scout“ is packed in an attractively printed carton and, in the case of sub-packaged goods, in a colour-printed window bag or box.

A cost-effective brand

We market our brand “Asia-Mar” products for entry-level prices, but always in accordance with our quality standards within the framework of the respective specifications.

Our brand “Asia-Mar” is packaged in an attractively printed carton and, for sub-packaged goods, in a clear pouch with a colored header card.

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